We are a California based design studio guiding entrepreneurs and businesses to create killer visual brand identities and develop unique business experiences.

What we do

We deliver high quality graphics. By understanding your business and digging deep in every layer of it, we can create your dream brand. From logo design, to comprehensive visual identities, to marketing collateral and social media design. 

Why we do it

Because our passion is to make your brand shine and stand out. We do this by guiding you on how to reflect your core values in the most beautiful way.


“Branding with Benthic Studio is truly a collaborative process! Bring as much inspo and info about your brand, and watch Irlanda bring it all together like magic! She delivered my branding with such precision and detail, like she had an even better understanding of my brand than I did. She asked amazing questions to dig into the core of who my brand is, and it shows in the work she did.”

—  Cinthia Jaimes, Founder of Cinphotos



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